Better Off in the Box

Northern Healthy Connections Society offers a “Better Off in the Box” program that provides safe, secure Needle Disposal Boxes in discreet locations throughout the Northern Health Zone.

Two of these boxes are located in the town of Truro, one in the town of Amherst and eight located throughout the Millbrook First Nations Community. The funding for the Truro and Amherst disposal boxes came through Community Health Board Grants.

The eight disposal boxes in Millbrook First Nations Community were provided through funding received from the First Nations Inuit Health Branch of Health Canada, as well as two large boxes in Sipekne’Katik First Nations Community.

These boxes are for single loose needles. If you have multiple needles and/or used equipment, please put them in a sealed Sharps container. If you do not have a Sharps container and must dispose of supplies, please put them in any sturdy, sealed container (Gatorade/pop bottle with cap, kitty litter container etc) and clearly label it as Sharps. Drop them off at the NHCS fixed site at 33 Pleasant St, Truro, give them to the staff team of the Mobile Outreach Services or take them to your local pharmacy. Request a Sharps container for the future.

NHCS provides yellow Sharps containers in small, medium and large to clients and businesses in the Northern Zone. To request a Sharps container, ask a staff member when placing an order or contact NHCS.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to properly dispose of any Sharps to prevent injury and blood-borne infections. Be Responsible. Be Safe.

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