Take-Home Naloxone Kits

Northern Healthy Connections Society distributes free, take-home Naloxone Kits to any individual at risk of an opioid overdose, as well as families, friends, or service providers who may come in contact with persons who use opiates.

What is Naloxone?

Naloxone is a drug used to reverse the effects of an opiate overdose. It can work for up to 90 minutes and allows time to seek medical attention. 

Who can use Naloxone?

Anybody can receive Naloxone training. It takes less than 30 minutes and is offered by a trained staff member at the Northern Healthy Connections fixed site. Naloxone is safe, harmless, and can be administered to children as well as adults. It will have no effect unless there are opiates present in the person’s system. It is not addictive and allergic reactions are extremely rare.

Who needs a Naloxone Kit?

You don’t need to be a substance-user to keep a Naloxone Kit handy.

A person may need a Naloxone Kit if they are:

  • Someone who uses opiates, prescribed or otherwise
  • A friend or family member of someone who uses opiates¬†
  • Service providers such as teachers, school counselors, library staff, and mental health professionals¬†
  • A parent or guardian of young adults¬†

For more detailed information on Naloxone, check out the Nova Scotia Naloxone Program website at nsnaloxone.ca

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