December 18, 2017


What We Do

NHCS promotes a model of practice where greater and meaningful involvement of persons who are affected by any issues pertaining to overall health and well being. NHCS functions within a health promotion framework and all services are provided in a safe, confidential and judgement free environment.

Programs and Services

  • Support & Treatment Information
  • STBBI Information
  • Condom Co-op
  • Youth PhotoVoice
  • IDU PhotoVoice
  • Sexualized Violence PhotoVoice
  • Information on STBBI Testing/Referrals
  • Healthy Decision Making Fairs
  • Needle Exchange
  • Prison Outreach
  • LGBTQ Support
  • Hep C Aware Project
  • Prevention Education
  • Quarterly “EXtreme Reality” Newsletter
  • Toll-Free Line 1-866-940-AIDS (2437)
  • Resource Centre
  • Public Engagement Activities
  • Fund Raising Activities
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Food Bank Awareness
  • PFLAG – Truro Chapter