December 18, 2017

World Hep Day

The Northern Healthy Connections Society (NHCS) has been fortunate to be one of eight organizations across Canada to receive further Hep C funding. This will be the sixth year that NHCS has been able to do Hepatitis C work in the northern region of Nova Scotia. NHCS will partner with the Libraries in northern Nova Scotia to promote this event through displays.

NHCS is gearing up for World Hep Day on July 28, 2016. “In recognition of the birthday of Professor Baruch Blumburg, who won the Nobel Proze for discovering the Hep B virus, World Health Organization (WHO) decided that World Hepatitis Day (WHD) will take place on July 28th.” (Taken from the World Hep Alliance, World Hep Day Fact Sheet, page 1)

For updates to what is happening in northern Nova Scotia contact NHCS at or by phone at 902-895-0931

World Hep Day Website