December 18, 2017

Condom Co-Op

The Condom Co-op is a program of the Northern Healthy Connections Society to enhance and improve the accessibility of free condoms in the northern region (Colchester-East Hants, Cumberland and Pictou Counties).  NHCS purchases condoms in bulk and sells them at cost to partnering agencies. Various agencies have their own account and work together with NHCS in the free and accessible distribution of condoms and dental dams.

Partnering agencies taking advantage of this great opportunity are –

John Howard Restorative Justice for Youth

Nova Scotia Community College – Truro Campus

Slate Rock Youth

Central Nova Women’s Resource Centre

Canadian Mental Health Association – Truro

Other agencies who offer access to condoms in northern Nova Scotia:

Dalhousie Agricultural College Health Services

Colchester Sexual Assault Centre

School Teen Health Centres throughout northern Nova Scotia

Pictou County Centre for Sexual Health

Sexual Health for Cumberland County

Public Health Offices in northern Nova Scotia


The concept of a condom co-op was developed due to the lack of availability of free condoms for youth.  One way NHCS encourages partners to get involved is to form a walk team for the Scotiabank AIDS Walk where each team raising $200 or more will receive 50% back…this money can then be used to purchase condoms at cost through the program.  NHCS supports healthy decision making and healthy communities.