Condom Co-Op

The Condom Co-op aims to improve access to free condoms in the northern zone (Colchester-East Hants, Cumberland and Pictou Counties).  NHCS purchases condoms in bulk and sells them at cost to partnering agencies.

Bags of 100 condoms are offered to community partners for $30.00 a bag. 

Partnering agencies taking advantage of this opportunity are:

  • John Howard Restorative Justice for Youth
  • Nova Scotia Community College – Truro Campus
  • Slate Rock Youth Centre
  • The Lotus Centre
  • Canadian Mental Health Association


Other agencies who offer access to condoms in northern Nova Scotia:

  • Dalhousie Agricultural College Health Services
  • Colchester Sexual Assault Centre
  • School Teen Health Centres throughout northern Nova Scotia
  • Pictou County Centre for Sexual Health
  • Sexual Health for Cumberland County
  • Public Health Offices in northern Nova Scotia

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